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Saffron is one of the most precious spices in the world and it has been used in Iran and other countries for many years. Buying saffron has also been important from the same time. New forms of cheating are devised in this field every day and some take huge profits from lack of information of buyers or rather their hastiness in buying. Let us discuss about buying saffron a little so that we can by the best type of saffron.

When can you have extremely fresh saffron?

Saffron is harvested in autumn. November and December can be considered as its harvesting time and you can certainly find the freshest Saffron in these months but do not worry, saffron is still quite fresh until early spring and even after it and it also depends on packaging and metal and glass containers can be considered as the best containers of saffron. In general, it is better to buy saffron based on the amount of usage because it is better not to keep saffron more than one year.

buy saffron
Raw Organic Red Saffron Spice in a Bowl

Cheating in saffron and ways of knowing those

There are many different ways to cheat in case of saffron and perhaps the most chivalrous method in this case is coloring the stems and chaff with color of saffron but not everyone is this chivalrous and not everyone uses coloring for this purpose! But how can we know? Perhaps the first step is not buying powdered saffron because its authenticity cannot easily be measured. Secondly, there are a few simple methods that perhaps the best is measuring saffron in hot water. Saffron turns the color of warm water to yellow and has a rosy color itself. Another method is to wear saffron in brown paper in which case the fake saffron will become oily and will lose its color.

Where should we buy it from?

Where are you? If you are in Iran you can visit markets in Tehran and Mashhad. If you want to access the main markets of saffron, Nishapur, TorbatHeydarieh, Ghaen and … are among the most famous centers of saffron not only in Iran but in the world.
Can it be bought online? Yes! This is the goal of Origiran! Provision of the best products has become possible with new technologies in easiest possible way in today’s world and you can access the best saffron of Iran with the help of Origiran with just a few clicks.

Many reasons to buy from OrigIran may make you bored. So we will only provide a very brief explanation of the philosophy of OrigIran:
The philosophy of OrigIran is customer friendly behavior. OrigIran only thinks about quality and here we have the same sensitivities for our family and friends for others too because you are our friends by referring to us!

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mario mynx
mario mynx
6 years ago

thans for your informations. good luck

mohemmad chapli
mohemmad chapli
6 years ago

that was very useful for me thanks a lot!

krista Zieliński
krista Zieliński
5 years ago

Hi origiran.
i want to buy saffron in bulk to Poland. How can i order?

Reply to  krista Zieliński
5 years ago

I bought saffron from a reliable company in mashhad_Iran, it was high quality saffron, the company name is Zarin Saffron Esmaeilzadeh

5 years ago

thanks for sharing.

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