a journey in technological shopping centers in TEHRAN

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Iran is one of the youngest and most up to date communities in the Middle East. Tehran can be considered as one of the most vibrant cities in the Middle East in which young people try to move along with the development of life and not to stay behind. Technologic equipment certainly play an important role in this up-to-dateness and their existence is vital. Thus, we intend to evaluate technologic markets of Tehran and have a day trip in the world of technology in Tehran. Be with origiran.

If we want to start from southern Tehran we reach Lalezarno Street. The presence of electrical equipment can be gradually observed from slightly higher than Tehran’s Bazar. If you need electrical equipment particularly amenable to industrial equipment, Lalehzar Street is surely your first and last destination.

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You can reach the market for phones in Ekbatan Street if you come from Lalehzar Street toward Imam Khomeini Square (previously known as Toup khaneh Square which is still considered by many to be its name). You can reach the market for gaming consoles if you continue your route. This square has long been a crowded hangout for lovers of computer games and you can find the most recent gaming consoles and related accessories in this area. There are also activities about car’s players and some other electrical equipment in this area apart from gaming consoles but this area is mostly famous for the sale of gaming consoles.

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imamkhomeini (toupkhaneh)

Follow Ferdowsi Street to reach Istanbul intersection and go in the direction of Jomhuri Street toward Hafez Bridge. You can see the market for small sized industrial electric parts as well as equipment such as LEDs and so on and of course electrical appliances related to music shortly before Hafez Bridge. A new part of your journey begins when you reach Hafez Bridge.

Home appliances, mobile phones and accessories related to those can be seen in abundance in this area. In fact, Hafez Bridge can be considered as the center of such appliances and their thriving market (however, Aminhozur is also considered as a pole in case of home appliances and can also be considered as the center of home appliances distribution) If you are looking for cell phones, shopping centers of Aladdin, Charsu and BazarMobile are the most famous shopping centers in this field.

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If you are looking for cameras and related accessories, Hafez shopping center in front of the Aladdin shopping center is one of the best centers. Market for home appliance especially television sets starts if you continue your route from Jomhuri Street toward Vali Asr Street. Buying a donut from Khosravi donut store (which is 45 years old) accompany you on this path! Come from Vali -e – Asr Street toward north until reaching the city theater.

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You can find Reza shopping center in intersection of Vali -e- Asr Street and Enghelab Street (which is Known is Vali Asr intersection) which is one of the first shopping centers for laptop and computer parts on your path. Continue the Vali -e – Asr Street until reaching Iran shopping center for computers shortly after Taleghani Street which is another one of famous shopping centers for computer parts. Even though there are several other shopping centers for computers and mobile phones near Vali Asr Square but it is better for you to increase your speed and go near Vanak Square.

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Continue your route in Vali -e- Asr Street until reaching Paitakht shopping center at the beginning of Mir Damad Street. This shopping center can be considered as a suitable center for purchasing laptop especially Apple and Microsoft brands. In fact, it is better to initially visit this shopping center if you are looking for products from Apple. Paitakht shopping center in Tehran is famous as a center for new technologies. However, prices of some products in Paitakht shopping center can be considered to be slightly high compared to other shopping centers! So keep an eye on prices.
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