Saffron, Iran and products which take the name of other countries

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Saffron is one of the valuable and lovely products of Iran which has an uncanny knack. Saffron makes a significant difference whether it is in food, confectionery, herbal tea or pharmaceutical ingredients. In this article we want to evaluate matters about Saffron and its uses in trading, sale and supply. Be along with Origiran, the supplier of traditional Iranian Saffron:

Iran has been made for saffron

The nature of Iran has been and will be the first and last host of Saffron, you can find the saffron fields in all areas of Iran using which Iran has nearly 90 of world’s Saffron production, it can be said that saffron can be cultivated in most parts ofcentral and eastern Iran and special climate of these areas provide the best conditions for the cultivation of saffron.

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Iranian saffron packed with the name of other countries

It might be interesting for you that despite the fact that 90 percent of saffron in the world is being produced in Iran, the name of Iran cannot be seen and heard in the market as much as it should have been seen. Iran is the main supplier of saffron in the world and exports this product to various countries and some of these counties sell this product with their own brand name. You can see this fact in Spanish saffronand Americansaffron which are in fact Iranian saffron with another name!

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Where should we buy saffron from?

If you are in Iran and you want to buy the flowers of saffron, we recommend you to visit main markets ofsaffron in November and December. Areas such as Ghaen, Neyshabour, Torbatheydarie and … are filled with beautiful flowers of this saffron in this season.

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But if you want the saffron itself, the markets of these cities have the best saffron in the world from the beginning of winter and cities such as Mashhad and Tehran have the same conditions in this regard as East and Centraleconomical centers of Iran and the market of Tehran can be considered as a selection of the best saffron in all Iran as the capital of Iran. So if you are in Iran for several days, we recommend you to buy from Iran market.

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But there is always a faster way and Orgiran is the response to this question, we try to select the best in Orgiran, we try to have the greatest sensitivity and provide a great product for you, whether you are in Iran and want to buy online products or you are out of Iran and want to buy products from the Iranian market.

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Heinz Karls
Heinz Karls
7 years ago

Thank you very much for these information. Just help me to buy some saffron from your website.

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