Why do we travel to IRAN?

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Iran? Maybe if you tell your friends that you are going to travel to Iran, this will be the first feedback you are going to get: Iran? Why you should select Iran for travel? Can’t you travel somewhere else?  In general, you face many questions if you talk about traveling to Iran. Orgiran want to evaluate the reasons for traveling to Iran.

Iran is a several thousand years old civilization

Iran can be considered as one of the oldest civilizations of the world. It can be understood with a review of history that Iran has affected humans since the beginning of time. If you remember Romans and Greeks and Egyptians, you should know that there have always been Persiansin the East as the other pole and if you consider the history of as ancient, Iranian businessmen were associated with them and you should know in case of Mongols that they attacked Iran and were in Iran for years and it is interesting to know that they were later supported by Iranians and they helped Iranians for compensation of what they did! If you have heard from the legends, Iran can be considered as the land of myths and heroes and it you consider the literary works of one country as a sign of civilization, it is necessary to mention great figures such as Omar Khayyam, Hafez, Saadi, Rumi and IbnSina and many others in field of poetry, philosophy and science.

Iran and people who love others

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Hospitable! If you ask about Iranian people from tourists, the first characteristic that they will mention is hospitality. Iranians love Guests and if that guest is a foreigner, it would be great! Iranians have an interesting proverb which says guests are friend of God. In general, if you are in Iran you will not be deprived of a smile.Although there are people everywhere who think of their own interest and Iran is no exception.

Land of Four Seasons

Iran is fantastic! You only have to come to Iran to see why it is called the land of four seasons. For example, if you come to Iran in fall, you can see winter in North West to center of Iran, spring and summer in south of Iran and fall in center and north of Iran. For example, if you are feeling cold due to the coldness of Tehran’s airport, you can travel to Kish which is one hour trip and you will experience a sun with 27 degrees.

You are rich with every amount of money

The currency of Iran is Rial but Toman is common among people (each toman is 10 rials). With the difference between dollar and the euro, your money will have a value 4 time bigger and you will be able to eat a good mealor take a taxi with 3 dollars even though the cost depends on your plan you can have a great day with nearly 100 dollars.

A tasty trip!

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Many people love food and even some of their trips are based on food and adventure in it. You will surely be surprised if you come to Iran, different types of confectionery, foods and tastes in Iran and you will not be without food in Iran. You may not believe that fast foods also have the best quality in Iran even better than Western giants!

Do not believe Iran in media!

Iran is unknown, at least what we see in media is not the real Iran. Iran in which nearly 80 million people live is not in war. If you walk in cities such as Isfahan, Tehran, Shiraz, Tabriz, Rasht, Mashhad and … you can see the technology and you will engoy being with young people who love communicating with people in the world. Iran is a collection of various ethnic groups including Turk, Lor, Fars, Arab, Kurd to Baluch, Turkmen, and Georgian and Armenian… the official language of Iran is Persian. So do not pay attention to the world of media and see Iranians the way they see it.

Products which only their Iranian version is good

Iran has products which only their Iranian version is good. From Saffron, pistachios, rose water and other food products to handicrafts and carpets and rugs, turquoise, and … Iran can be considered as the cradle of manyarts and crafts and the source of many of the world’s most valuable foods.

Should we travel to Iran or not?

If we want to talk about places and natural attractions of Iran, it would take hours. Only imagine if we want to introduce places of interest of Isfahan. In the end, we do not know the answer of the question about traveling to Iran or not, but seriously, wasn’t what was mentioned above interesting?

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