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Iran’s Persian rug-makers suffer as US unravels nuclear deal

KASHAN, Iran (AP) — As the Trump administration works to unravel Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal [...]

Iran Exports Handmade Carpets to 78 Countries

The Iranians were among the pioneer carpet weavers of the ancient civilizations, having achieved a [...]

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What Makes Persian Hand-Woven Carpet So Exraordinary?

Iran is one of the oldest producers and the biggest trader of hand-woven carpets worldwide. [...]

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Tabriz Rug

Tabriz, located to the north-west of Iran, is Iran’s second oldest city and has been [...]

China, Russia, S Africa, new markets for Iranian handwoven carpets

MNA – Head of Iran National Carpet Center Hamid Kargar said that Iran’s handwoven carpet [...]

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are known for their richness and beauty. The characteristics and quality of rugs [...]


The art of carpet weaving in Iran originated more than 2,500 years ago. Persian carpets [...]