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Iran accounts for 92% of world saffron output

In an interview with Tehran-based English newspaper, Iran Daily, Gholamreza Miri added Iran produced saffron [...]

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The Spice That Hooked Medieval Nuns

It’s the poshest spice of all, often worth its weight in gold. But saffron also [...]

31 Surprising Health Benefits of Zafaran (Saffron)

What is saffron-zafaran-Kesar? Saffron is known as Zafaran  or Kesar. The thread like part of [...]


The Secret History of the World’s Priciest Spice

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world­, going for up to $16 per [...]

Amazing Benefits Of Saffron

The most impressive health benefits of saffron include its ability to improve respiratory health, optimize [...]