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Saffron During Pregnancy – Uses, Benefits And Side Effects

Pregnancy is a time when you receive advice from every mother about your diet, with [...]

31 Surprising Health Benefits of Zafaran (Saffron)

What is saffron-zafaran-Kesar? Saffron is known as Zafaran  or Kesar. The thread like part of [...]


What Is Saffron? Saffron Benefits & Recipes to Try

Saffron is one of the most valuable and expensive spices known worldwide, thanks to its color, [...]

Saffron Review

The stigma of a type of crocus, saffron threads have a pungent and distinctive aroma [...]

The Secret History of the World’s Priciest Spice

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world­, going for up to $16 per [...]

Amazing Benefits Of Saffron

The most impressive health benefits of saffron include its ability to improve respiratory health, optimize [...]



Iranian Saffron Iran can be considered as the cradle of the world’s saffron. Almost 90 [...]

Iran’s saffron exports face challenges with Afghanistan turning into rival

TEHRAN, Sept. 18 (Xinhua) — Afghanistan has turned into a rival for Iranian saffron exports [...]


Herb Rice With Green Garlic , Saffron , And Crispy Shallots

This recipe is a labor of love. This rice dish is based on one of [...]

Saffron, Rose Water Brittle With Pistachios And Almonds

This brittle recipe is a riff on an Iranian candy known as sohan. Its snappy texture [...]